Good Jewellery Tips/Advice - Gold - White Gold

Traditionally diamond jewellery was set in silver or sterling since diamonds go best with white metals. Silver tarnishes, as it blackens when it mixes or comes into contact with oxygen in the air. Polished silver has a sheen and lustre, which is high but it requires constant polishing, maintenance and cleaning. Jewellers switched to Gold because it afforded them higher profits and better turnover since the price of gold is much higher than silver. Customers loved because the sheen and lustre of gold is constant. It never fades......Read More

Avoid over exposure of your jewellery to water especially when you are bathing, swimming, water sports, dish washing, & laundry. Exposure of your jewellery to excessive water loosens the setting of gemstones and weakens the clasps. .............Read More

Whenever you hear the phrase "Designer Jewellery" have you ever wondered what does it mean? Consider that all jewellery needs a design and therefore a designer, to be made so what is so different about designer jewellery from other jewellery?..............Read More

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